Monday Social Membership Payments

To pay for Monday Social at membership rates, please ensure that you log in by clicking on “Sign in” in the top right hand corner and enter your details so that your name appears there:

The “Sign in” shows up as a ‘person’ icon if attempting on a smaller device such as a phone as below. Please note that some users have experienced challenges doing this using the Safari browser on iPhones. If you’re facing challenges using Safari, it is recommended attempting with another browser such as Chrome or Firefox, or logging in using a desktop personal computing device.

Tick next to the session date to ‘choose your session’ and then ‘book now’ / ‘continue booking’ whilst logged in:

Select a member as ‘who will play’ by ticking the appropriate individual to have membership rates recognised:

If you are unable to access members’ rates using these instructions, please email us at with a description of all the steps you’ve taken, including browsers and devices used and include screenshots displaying any outcomes so we can troubleshoot for you.