Saturday Morning Junior Tennis Competition Information

The Clifton Tennis Club Junior competition is a Home and Away competition which runs over a two-term period. There are 14 home and away games scheduled, February to June, and July to November, with finals being played in June and November/December. In general, no games are played on long weekends or during the school holidays.

Games are played on Saturday mornings – the singles/doubles competition starting at 8:00 am, and the doubles competition starting at 8:45 am. The association we play in is the North East Junior Tennis Association, which includes teams from Northcote, Ivanhoe, Greensborough and Eltham.

Junior players first entering competition will generally start playing with a team of 5 players, playing only doubles games in one of the lower sections (the lowest being about Section 26). If they continue playing, they and their team would progress up the ranking season by season. When they reach about Section 14, they play in a team of 4 players, playing both singles and doubles games. Teams are selected before the end of each season, with input from players, team managers and coaches.

Prospective players should be able to commit to the full season – which understandably will affect both football and cricket players, as the tennis season overlaps the playing seasons for both of these. Consideration can be made in some cases, if there are enough players in a team to cover those playing other sports.

Parents would generally need to commit to two Saturday mornings per season to either drive the team to an away game and supervise them, or supervise the team at a home game. Teams usually have one or two extra players so players are rostered off every few weeks.

Members of Saturday morning competition need to be paid up junior members of the club.

If you are interested in playing junior competition, please email the club. If you want more information please call:

  • Wayne Armstrong Phone 0403 817 524 (Junior Secretary, Clifton Tennis Club)