merchandise ordering

Please ensure that you have completed the order form so we know what you wish to order. A separate submission is required per item being ordered:

Next, follow the instruction after the order is placed, and proceed with making payment via the following link:

Click on ‘book’ next to each item to add them to the cart for payment:

This will result in ‘session added’ and items in the cart up above:

Click on the cart icon, and your basket will be shown:

Ensure you select a person for each item, using ‘Add New Player’ as necessary. Click on the ‘next’ item to scroll through each item required. Then total view of icons will be displayed on the right. T’s and C’s need to also be accepted to proceed.

Select each item, verify the total list of items (referred to as activities on the page) and finally confirm once you’re happy with the order.

Once you’ve confirmed, enter your payment details in the screen and click to pay $X.

If successful, you will receive a notification that “your payment has been authorised”.

Finally, you should receive a “Thanks for booking” verification: