Social Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions —
Please read as these have changed!

You accept the following conditions when you book for this program.
1) You are required to RSVP for yourself (and just one other member if joining you)
2) It is expected you will arrive at your allotted time. Members who are late inconvenience their fellow members and upset the balance of play. Anyone more than 15 minutes late will be charged a $10 penalty fee. This will go towards the next social event. You will no longer be able to play until this fine is paid to the facilitator.
3) If you do not attend a session that you have secured without notifying the facilitator the day before you will be banned for two weeks from attending all social events that require a booking. This suspension also applies to anyone not following the instructions of the facilitator.
4) Members should assume that the social will continue unless a washout is issued by the facilitator.

NB: Although Sets in the City is social tennis, it is organised social tennis. It runs as smoothly as it does only when members obey the terms and conditions. Repeat offenders will be suspended indefinitely.